Be Proactive Not Reactive

June is National Safety Month and I want to touch on safety in your homes and Severe Weather safety. 


Safety at Home 

Barrier Free – Remove any rugs, tables etc. that can be possible trip hazards. 

Bathroom – Zero entry shower, easy toilet access for Hoyer Lift and Power Wheelchair. 

Doors – To access rooms with a Hoyer Lift and Power Wheelchair, doors will need to be 36” wide. 

Floors – Consider hard flooring versus carpet as it is difficult to drive a Hoyer Lift and/or powerchair over carpet. 

Please go to our website to apply for our “My Turn” Grant for financial assistance with home modifications. 

Severe Weather Plan 

Have a plan in place for safe sheltering. 

Ensure all equipment (power chairs, beds, lift chairs, breathing machines, cough assists, suction power Hoyer, communication devices, etc.)  have batteries charged and a back-up plan in place if there is a power outage.  If you live where power outages are common, you may want to purchase a generator. 

Ensure all electronics are charged for emergency contact and weather conditions. 

Know your power equipment; check for a manual release in case of a power outage or dead battery. 

If you have trouble speaking, make sure to have a way to communicate with first responders, such as a printed alphabet and communication board. 

Keep all power equipment manuals in one place so you can easily find them. 

What if you fall and need assistance? 

Before you ever fall or need assistance, contact your local police/fire departments: 

Tell them you have ALS and may need their assistance at some point. 

Give them your name, address and phone number. 

Ask them if it is non-emergency, how would they like you to contact them…911 or non-emergency number. 

If you are non-verbal or have a speech impairment, make sure they know in case you have to call yourself but can’t speak to them.  They can track you by your phone number.  Ensure you have a way to communicate with first responders. 

Consider having a medical call alert button. ​

What if I need to go to the Emergency Room? 

Check out this link for more ALS emergency information! 


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