susan mast als jims voice
susan mast als jims voice
susan mast als jims voice

About Jim’s Voice 

The Susan Mast ALS Foundation offers communication and speech support through the Jim’s Voice program. Jim’s Voice was started in December 2019, inspired by Jim Berry, who lived with and advocated for those with ALS. Jim’s mission was to ensure people living with ALS have the necessary tools and resources available to help with their communication needs.   

Jim’s Voice currently helps pALS in the Susan Mast ALS Foundation community by purchasing low- and no-tech communication equipment and offering a Communication App Fund to offset the costs of purchasing alternative and augmentative communication apps on a pALS’s personally-owned device. Equipment and approval of app purchases subject to approval and availability of funds. We are no longer offering individual speech language pathologist support at this time.

Examples of low- and no-tech communication equipment: 

  • LCD writing tablets (e.g. Boogie Board)  
  • Personal voice amplifiers  
  • Adaptive call bells  
  • Alternative access tools (e.g. styluses, switches, adaptive mouse/keyboard) 

Communication App Fund: Some pALS experiencing communication changes may find that an alternative and augmentative communication app downloaded to their personal device (e.g. iPad, smartphone) is effective for communication. The prices of apps range from free to over $100. SMAF pALS needing a paid communication app that was recommended by their SLP may request assistance with the cost of the app. 

Other Communication Needs: For other communication needs, we invite you to consult with your primary SLP through your ALS clinic and review other communication resources available to pALS. 

Digital Voice Preservation (aka Voice and Message Banking) 

Digital Voice Preservation: Voice Banking and Message Banking – Susan Mast ALS Foundation – This blog post provides and overview and next steps for pALS interested in starting voice preservation and those who have already finished

Voice Banking, BCH Message Banking™ Protocol or ‘Double Dipping’ – Team Gleason – Team Gleason helps with equipment and funding to pay for voice banking and partner with Boston Children’s Hospital to provide instruction/expertise on banking.  

Voice Preservation | Protocol of Assessment Considerations | ALS Augmentative Communication Program | Programs | Boston Children’s Hospital ( – General information on voice preservation 

Jay S Fishman ALSAugComProgram – YouTube – Video tutorials on voice banking, message banking on your iPhone, and AAC app walkthroughs 

An Overview of Voice and Message Banking for People Living with ALS – YouTube – Les Turner ALS Foundation tutorial and info on voice and message banking 

AAC/SGD Device Loaners 

Communication Devices – Team Gleason 

Home – Bridging Voice 

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Center – ALS of Michigan 

Speech & Communication Resources Guide

For more information on speech, communication, and AAC resources, see this online resource guide.

Key Blog Posts

Communication at Any Stage – Susan Mast ALS Foundation

Digital Voice Preservation: Voice Banking and Message Banking – Susan Mast ALS Foundation

The Jim’s Voice program would not be possible without the generous donation provide by the Andy J. Egan Co., Inc.
Thank you for your support!

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