susan mast als jims voice
susan mast als jims voice
susan mast als jims voice

“Jim’s Voice” was created in honor of Jim Berry who lived with ALS. Jim’s mission was to ensure people living with ALS have the necessary tools and resources available to help with their communication needs.

​This program is led by
Natsumi Asanuma, Speech Language Pathologist, M.S. CCC-SLP.

Natsumi’s vision: For each person with ALS to be listened to and understood.

Natsumi’s mission: To maximize communication and connection for each person with ALS, regardless of access to equipment, funds, services through insurance, or transportation, throughout all stages of ALS.

Natsumi provides training and support on high- and low-tech alternative and augmentative communication, such as communication
strategies, communication devices, access methods, and message and voice banking.

Contact Natsumi:
phone: 616-622-3066 ext. 4

The Jim’s Voice program would not be possible without the generous donation provide by the Andy J. Egan Co., Inc.
Thank you for your support!

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