Love and Caregiving

Caregivers are the unsung hero in families affected by ALS. It is not typically a job you signed up for!

However the love and care that you show means everything to your pALS.  Tending to their needs, with care and compassion, listening to their needs and the touch of a hand mean everything.  This is not a 9-5 job.  The love and support Caregivers show is amazing.   

There are several ways you can support your pALS during this time.

Everyday can be a challenge so we encourage you to take a step back and remember to smile. A rough day can change on a dime when you smile and share a funny moment or sweet memory with them.

Invite a family member over or schedule a zoom night with friends. I was told once that when you walk into a room while taking care of a loved one that you may be the ray of sunshine they have seen all day. Be the sunshine-give them a smile-let them know you are there!

Remember to take care of you. It is vitally important that Caregivers take time for themselves to recharge those batteries.  Talk a walk, read a book, call a friend, soak in a tub.  You will not be an effective Caregiver if you are not caring for yourself! 

We at Susan Mast applaud all of our wonderful Caregivers!

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