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As a licensed clinical psychologist, Emily joined the SMAF team to help patients, caregivers, and family members with the emotional and mental aspects of living with ALS. After traveling the ALS journey with a close friend, she pursued this position as a way to use her professional skills and personal experience to help others.

These services are covered by the foundation and offered at no additional cost to our families. Here are some examples of services offered:

Processing and adapting to the diagnosis
Grieving the progression of the disease and the changes in roles
Preparing for and engaging in difficult conversations with loved ones
Navigating the caregiving role
Making challenging medical decisions
Teaching coping and stress tolerance skills
Addressing symptoms of depression and anxiety
Facilitating family discussions
Engaging in existential and end-of-life discussions

If you are interested in learning more about this support, please contact Emily at or (616)662-3066 x5.