Quiet Spaces

How often do we genuinely pursue the quiet spaces? No music. No TV. No chatter. No noise. We are busy, with lives filled with hustle and bustle. Things to do. Things to accomplish.

And now, we are in a unique time for our community, country, and world. As we continue to rally together by staying apart, many are experiencing an unprecedented time of slowing down: unrushed meals at home, family time in the yard, easy conversation while tackling a jigsaw puzzle.

These are beautiful moments. I’d like to offer a suggestion, bit of encouragement, or even a challenge. Will you choose to use this time to pursue quiet spaces? That is, will continued social distance translate into personal refreshment? For some, you may create a new routine of seeking out quiet places while others may build on what you’re already doing.

This may be a time of prayer, spiritual connection, or personal reflection. Many of us have created the noise and busyness in our lives because we’re afraid to slow down, quietly take stock, be still. The idea of time alone makes us uncomfortable. If you are feeling rusty at being still, start small. Begin with 5 minutes at a time in a comfortable place. Let’s use this continued disruption of our routines to engage in some personal care.

Pause. Breathe. Reflect.

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