If you have ever lived in West Michigan and have an ALS diagnosis, please take the below survey to help us research why Michigan is a top state in the country for ALS.

The Susan Mast ALS Foundation is partnering with the Department of Geography, Environment, and Tourism at Western Michigan University to establish a database about the lifestyles of those who have received an ALS diagnosis and reside in West Michigan. The goal of this research project is to identify commonalities of those diagnosed and ALS “hot spots,” as the Midwest has the highest rate of ALS prevalence in the country.
To create the database, we request your participation in a relatively short questionnaire. The questions will cover topics about the person with ALS such as residence, military service, diet, smoking history, occupational history, etc. Your name and address will remain confidential. You will also have the option to remain anonymous. Please note, many of you have lost loved ones to ALS but your participation is still important for this research project.

If you choose to participate in this research project, please read over the below consent form and begin the digital questionnaire:

If you prefer a paper questionnaire, please email Julie@SusanMastALS.org or call 616-622-3066 ext. 1. Your choice to participate in this study will not impact your services from the Susan Mast ALS Foundation.