The Spark Challenge by Sherry Schuen

Last summer (August 2022), Brendan (my son) committed to run a half marathon because he felt like I am doing something hard every day living with a disease I didn’t choose, so he wanted to commit to completing something difficult.


This sparked an idea. Life is full of suffering that we don’t choose. ALS is only one example. For ALS awareness month, I am reminded I have been surrounded by many people who have generously and graciously extended amazing acts of love and kindness in my suffering, for years. This has made me realize when considering life and its meaning that relationships, walking with people, and loving people, allow that spark to inspire us to have compassion and empathy for others. Then that compassion leads to acts of love, support, grace, and a better life for everybody.

In the spirit of ALS awareness month, maybe we can be more aware of what lights a spark in us and do something that is hard or support someone in their suffering. 



Ideas for doing something hard or spreading kindness:

  • Make amends of a broken relationship
  • Make a sacrificial donation to Susan Mast ALS Foundation
  • Complete/start a task you have been avoiding
  • Make an exercise goal and follow through
  • Take a break from a social media platform that is taking up too much time
  • Volunteer
  • Set an eating goal; vegetarian,vegan, or eat healthy
  • Give up a food or drink that you love that isn’t good for you
  • Apologize
  • Surprise someone with a kind deed; mow their grass, bring a meal, offer childcare, drop off groceries




Please share.

Please challenge someone.

Please report back on the result of your choice if you are comfortable with sharing.

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