Weariness.  Disappointment.  Heaviness.   

Let’s give ourselves permission to be in this space.

Sorrow and disappointment make many of us uncomfortable.  Perhaps you are accepting of these feelings but expressing them makes those around you feel uncertain and discomforted.  We’re often quick to distract or deflect, trying to evade these negative thoughts and feelings.  So often, this comes with well-intentioned encouragement to dismiss these struggles and simply “focus on the positives.”   

Instead, let’s pause.  Wait.  Rest.  In this break, we can truly acknowledge our reality.  Let’s own this.   

Let’s claim that this isn’t the present we planned for or the future we hoped for.  Let’s grieve the losses and acknowledge the disappointment.  And then?  Once we’ve acknowledged and owned our weariness, then we can turn our attention to all that we are still grateful for. 

But let’s not skip the interlude.   

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