Making Memories

Making Memories is so important with family and friends, especially when living with ALS.  Traveling can be tricky and being well prepared can ensure you have a great time!

Here are a few tips when preparing for your trip:

1. Contact the local ALS Association in the areas you will be.  They can deliver manual wheelchairs, raised toilet seats, portable ramps, and other equipment you may need.

2. Pack a separate suitcase with any items you require for your comfort such as;

Portable Raised Toilet Seat 

Non-Invasive Ventilation if you are using it.

Suction cup grab bars for restrooms and showers

Wedge pillow if you need to sleep with head raised

3. When Flying:

Know all the specifics about your power chair before booking flights etc. 

Store chairs information in Notes or other apps. on your phone such as;

Weight of chair 

Length of chair 

Width of chair 

Height of chair 

Height from floor to your head while sitting in chair 

Battery type, Gel cell or dry cell preferred 

4. Hotels:

Make a list of what your needs will be and let the hotel know.  If you can, look at pictures of the room you will be staying in to get a feel for what the “Handicap” room means to them.

These are just a few things to think about.  You can travel well and make great memories living with ALS!

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